Hi, I'm Lara!

Developer from Brazil.
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My portal for everything designers and devs might need when designing the perfect dark page.

It features a series of categorization types of resources (such as HTML templates, figma files, UI Kits, mockups) and tutorials.

This is a side project I created with love and low brightness settings :)

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My Youtube channel (and to some extend, my Instagram profile) is focused on experiments and lessons on web development.

Only available in Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR).

For english publications, please refer to Daepher's website. This is my collection of articles on many subjects such as programming, indie hacking, building in public, etc.

Some of my

Coming soon:

CRAFTER: A dark layout modular theme to be build in 30 days as a challenge.

JS Design Patterns: A free online book about Design Patterns using the Javascript language as example.

About me

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 24y old self-taught web programmer with passion for personal projects and indie hacking. I'm currently working at Climatempo as a Fullstack Developer.

My prefered stack is: Nodejs, React (vanilla JS, if possible) and PostgreSQL.

I also can work with: MongoDB, Python, Docker, Redis.

My programming and devlog related publications are often made under the name Daepher (https://daepher.com).

Wanna talk to me?

You can find me through my e-mail address contato@laracarvalho.net.